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Types of crimes we cover

Personal Crimes

When a person commits a crime directly on another person, it’s called a personal crime. Physical assault, battery, kidnapping and imprisoning a person, robbery, homicide, rape, sexual assault and any other physical or mental torture fall within this category of crime.

Property-related crimes

There is no physical damage to the victim in this type of crime. But it causes mental torture and stress to the victim. It includes theft or robbery, forgery, burglary, false pretences, embezzlement and many other unlawful activities. Note that robbery is also considered personal crime as it does physical or mental harm to the affected people.

Public-order crime

Crimes under this category do not cause harm to anybody but are still considered as a public-order crime. This is based on the belief system of the society on what is right and what is wrong. It includes, but not limited to, prostitution, involving creating and distributing pornography, gambling, selling and taking prohibited drugs, etc.

Organized crimes

Illegal gambling, money laundering, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, extortion, counterfeiting, and steeling private or public properties like truck and trains are considered as organized crime. It’s also called enterprise crime as it involves a group of professional people who come to gather to commit a well-planned illegal activity. Regardless of the fact that it doesn’t cause damage to a single person or a group, it is considered a crime.

Financial and non-violent crime

This term has always been a subject of debate but still has a general definition popular in society. According to it, when a person with a high-level position in an organization does a fraudulent act, it’s called white-collar crime.

At first, white-collar and enterprise crimes look the same, but there is a difference. Former affects the general public or those not connected with criminals, while later affects employees and stakeholders of an organization. Though it doesn’t harm its victims, it sometimes brings serious consequences like violent reaction or suicides by victims.

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Here are some of our favorite reviews by our clients:
  • Thankful and appreciate for Mr Wahab and his team in handling my PPO case. Both Mr Wahab and his team was dedicated to the case. Gave me advise on what to do or not to do. Even willing to meet up with clients on weekends just to sort out the matter. Mr Wahab and team was easy to talk to and always without fail will get back to the client regarding any doubts/queries we have. Fighting a one sided battle against womens right in singapore is a hard one but engaging Mr Wahab services paid off eventually where the decision was a positive outcome indeed for me. Mr Wahab and his team were very experienced and knowledgeable. So one case settle and one more to go. Thanks again to Mr Wahab and his dedicated team. Really appreciate what they have done for me all this while.

    Ehsan, 9 February 2020
  • Really appreciate what Mr Wahab and his team have done for us despite a short timing of confirmation. Mr Wahab is very knowledgeable, understanding and easy to speak to. It’s my first court case and I’ve a lot of questions but Mr Wahab have been very kind to guide me through. Super happy with the outcome, thank you so much for all the help provided!

    Emily, 6 February 2020
  • I have never regretted my decision to engage Mr Wahab from the A.W Law LLC for my Syariah proceedings. My case was badly handled by another solicitor and Wahab made it a breeze for me. He addressed every issue i had professionally & promptly while making sure i was making the right, logical decisions that would benefit me as sometimes my emotions get in the way. He appeared to me to be knowledgable about the legal issues and demonstrated great communication skills too. Iam forever thankful to Wahab & his colleagues for helping me out during my tough times.

    Nurul, 5 February 2020

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We are proud of our expert criminal lawyers who are committed to helping clients in the event of their imminent arrest or are already in the custody. They advise clients at every stage of the case and proceedings.

What to expect

We advise on the person’s legal rights and obligations when he/she has to undergo an arrest and hearing in the court. Further, we also attend and fight the case throughout the procedure. In any situation, our first goal is to get our client out of the case safely. But if they are found guilty, we do everything that we can to ensure they get a fair and fairest punishment.

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The fact that many of our clients have continued to retain us over the years is a testament to the lasting relationships we have built, and the trust placed on us.

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